How To Listen (Even When Your Child Doesn't Talk)

Most parents want to hear how things are going at school, what their children's friends are up to, how they like their teachers at school, but what happens when your child clams up? Or seems angry with you and won't communicate? Or is talking nonsense? Children sometimes answer questions about "how was your day" with a monosyllabic "fine" and parents are left wondering what there is to listen to! Other children, when trying to communicate problems, will scream and yell and parents aren't sure they even want to listen anymore! Yet listening is a vital communication tool that not only enriches your relationship with your child, but builds their self-esteem as well. It is a skill for parents with children of all ages, since it forms the foundation that ultimately leads parent and child into more peaceful adolescent years- especially if begun at a young age! This workshop will teach parents the different ways in which we listen to children, and how they can encourage their children to be more forthcoming about their thoughts and feelings. We'll also talk about the importance of listening, and specific techniques will be given that are easy to use and effective as well- even if the child can't (or won't) talk.