The Terrible Teens: Building A New Relationship With Your Child

"Teenagers! Dey tink dey know everyting!" proclaims Sebastian, the "guardian" crab of 'Ariel', the Little Mermaid in Disney's film of the same title. "And isn't that the truth!" most parents of a teenager respond with despair. .For many parents and their teens, adolescence is a period of upheaval and conflict. A child who was once cooperative and communicative suddenly becomes opinionated, withdrawn, and rebellious. Parents often wake up one morning to find themselves totally bewildered about how to handle this "stranger" who used to be their child. Suddenly, all of the old ways of discipline and communication no longer seem to be working. This workshop will look at preventative as well as proactive techniques for making adolescence a more enjoyable time for parents and teenagers alike. Geared towards parents of pre-teens as well, participants will learn practical, relationship-building skills that will encourage positive communication from their children age 9 and older. The best type of disciplinary methods will also be discussed. If you want your relationship with your child back, or if you want to prevent your child from "becoming a stranger" when he or she becomes an adolescent, then this workshop is for you!