Tweens and Teens Teens and Tweens

Yesterday, your child was a sweet, well-adjusted kid. Today, a moody, disrespectful tween/teen. What happened? We can coach you with practical techniques that will empower you to break the nagging cycle, reduce disrespect and talk effectively about sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Sleep training Sibling Rivalry

Relationships between siblings can be very intense. If you are finding that your kids are fighting more and more often and you're tired of acting as a referee, we can help you put conflict resolution skills back where they belong - with your kids!

Homework Homework Blues

Kids are getting buried in homework these days. Is there a way to help them navigate the load without taking it on ourselves? We can help you learn to help your kids manage the mountain of schoolwork, from elementary school all the way through college!

Disrepectful behavior

Respect is a two-way street. And sometimes we engage with our kids in ways that escalate tension instead of diffusing it. Give us a call if you feel like you're always fighting with your kids and we’ll show you ways to get back to a respectful relationship.

Sleep training Bedtime routines and sleep training

Successful bedtime routines don’t happen by accident. There are proven ways to get your child to go to sleep, regardless of their temperament. Give us a call and find out how we can help.

Toilet training Stressless toilet training

Toilet training: A major developmental milestone or a major power struggle? We’ll help you learn to guide your child through the process while keeping respect and body autonomy intact.

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My whole business began with the idea of giving parents practical techniques instead of theory

When Julie Ross’s first child was born, she made a discovery: those child-development textbooks she’d read for her master’s in psychology had little to do with diapers and feedings and crying spells. Theory was fine, but now she needed on-the-job training. She looked for a parenting support group, and discovered that the people leading them had the same degree she did.

“So I thought, let me just explore this,” she remembers. What she found was that parenting books and media “experts” were creating a generation of panicked parents uncertain about how to guide their children through the minefield of body image, Internet safety, substance abuse, sex-in addition to the less modern challenges of plain old growing up. “My whole business began with the idea of giving parents practical techniques to fix these things that people are writing about.”

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Is Your Kid Getting Enough Sleep?

According to new research being presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ national conference, a lot of kids need more rest.

Researchers surveyed parents of nearly 50,000 U.S. children ages 6 to 17 and found less than half are getting the recommended minimum of nine hours of sleep most weeknights.

CBS News asks counselor and parenting expert Julie Ross for some practical advice and some perspective.


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Can You Hear Me?

Working Mother magazine features an interview with Julie Ross, founder of Parenting Horizons, on the four essential parenting tools for keeping the lines of communication open with your teenager. Read the article online here

Is it possible to transform a toxic divorce into a harmonious one? How do you turn the blame and insults into positive productive communication? Listen to the KPCC Public Radio interview as Julie Ross suggests a variety of ways to mitigate the negative effects of infighting on the children of divorced parents.