Beyond Sugar: Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods without Power Struggles

Eating disorders, obesity and diabetes are on the rise in this country. It's no wonder then that many parents despair when they see their child choosing junk foods loaded with sugar. Yet when parents intervene, they often find themselves engaged in a power struggle with their child that makes the problem worse rather than better. This workshop helps parents feed their children in healthy ways. It explores some of the reasons that power struggles, food issues and eating disorders occur and provides practical solutions and communication techniques that steer parents away from damaging interactions around food . It explores simple nutritional solutions that diminish children's cravings for high fat, high sugar and high salt foods. Parents leave empowered with communication skills as well as healthy, kid-friendly alternatives to the sugar / salt / high fat foods kids gravitate toward. Please note: this workshop uses two facilitators: Julie A. Ross, MA -- Parent educator ( and Frances Murchison -- Certified holistic health counselor (